TURDS Really Do Exist!

My name is Peanut – I’m a terrier cross and an artist’s model.
Dogs definitely suffer from the winter blues too! I can’t tell you how hard I find it to get out of bed in the mornings. My human has us out the door at 7am for morning ablutions but I’m in as fast as I’m out and straight back to bed until my tummy starts rumbling about 12. Once lunch has been served I devote much of the day to harassing my human for treats. It’s all going fine until some goody-two-shoes tells her we’re overweight and then we’re all on diets until I break her will power again!
Now enough about me!
Have you seen the amount of animals on social media that have been dumped and badly treated lately? I’ve come to the conclusion that fully developed humans don’t do that so there’s a very poorly developed version out there. I call them the Totally UndeRDeveloped Species (TURDS).
My sister Bonny was the victim of a TURD before being rescued. If you want to know what the victim of a TURD looks like check out Bonny’s before picture. Now if you ask Bonny, she denies the whole thing, says she came directly from Royalty (check out the after picture)! But if you ever met a TURD, you’d want to forget it too!

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