Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

My name is Peanut – I’m a terrier cross and an artist’s model.
I’m at a bit of a loose end these days as my human is working on a book called The Human Rescuers. I was certain it was all about me! But then I see her painting a dog I’d never seen before, and a cob, and a crow and I had to ask, “What the heck? Have I just been sacked?”
Apparently not, but I’m on a break for the foreseeable future! And apparently, I’m featured in the book too, along with those other guys. How kind of her!
I’ve been a bit slow writing this blog as I’m just recently recovered from a lumpectomy.  But worry not; I’m as good as new. My human spotted the lump on my shoulder and I was whipped off the vet’s surgery before I could even draw my breath. He did a tasty job though I was certain the stitches could come out earlier than the due date. My attempts at that very task were literally cut short by my human cutting the stitches shorter!!
So this month I want to discuss the topic of dogs wearing clothes. I used to don a t-shirt as a puppy. I liked the attitude it gave off with “Get Your Nose Out of My Butt” displayed across my back. Though I soon discovered that most other dogs can’t read! So I ditched it. Nowadays, I can’t stand clothes on me. I get all confused and start walking sideways.
My sister Bonny loves clothes. When she was rescued they had to cut all her tangled hair off and she says clothes kept her alive. Nowadays as soon as the temperature starts dropping she deliberately shivers in front of my human until she pulls out one of Bonny’s many t-shirts and slips it on her. By mid-winter Bonny is in woolly jumpers. Bonny has lots of spares in case she gets wet outside. I’ve even seen Bonny deliberately get wet if she doesn’t like what she’s wearing. Then she comes in and jumps up on the chair waiting to be re-dressed, all excited about her new rigout.
My own dog, Baby the Chihuahua, hates clothes, she says they stifle her inner being and I kinda get what she means.
So I suppose to answer the question “should dogs wear clothes?” you just gotta ask each individual dog cos we’re all different just like humans.

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