Peesniff was round long before Facebook!

My name is Peanut – I’m a terrier cross and an artist’s model.
My human says she won’t need my services for a while as she’s working on some book, I’m thinking it’s probably about me, I’m that interesting.
One thing that really annoys me about humans is their phones! Instead of two hands to rub me, I’m lucky to get one. My human says she needs one hand to hold the phone and the other to scroll through Facebook. She explained that Facebook is a platform for humans to tell the world how they feel, what they care about and so on. She said “Maybe someday you dogs will have something like that and then you’ll understand but in the meantime I need my two hands.”
I said, “Wait a minute, us dogs have been doing that since we were wolves, it’s called Peesnif, used to be ‘The Peesniff’ but some marketing canine suggested we drop the “The.”
To show you how it works, check out the picture of me and Bonny peesniffing. Dogs pee on leaves, grass, tree trunks, fences, wheels and just about anywhere they want to leave messages. I particularly like Ballyseedy Wood for peesniffing.  That day I found out Timmy the dog is crazy about a bitch called Lady, but she has no interest because she’s in love with a dude called Max (my sister Bonny is into him too, there could be a dog-fight!). Brandy is fed up because his human bought him a bone and he can’t remember where he buried it. Lulu is on top of the world because she got a new bed and it doesn’t smell of dog yet, she loves that new-bed smell. Harry is old and thinks us young dogs have all the wrong priorities, too concerned about our next groom and how many toys we have. In his day, dogs were happy to play with a stone and wash themselves in the river (Yuck!).
But I like to leave Peesniff in the wood. Wish my human could do the same!

I have cravings everyday but it is getting easier. Sleeping was terrible last week, was averaging about 3 hours a night but the last two nights have been back to normal except for the dreams which I am now used to.

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