Meet the Family!

My name is Peanut – I’m a terrier cross and an artist’s model.
My human is still working on some book; it must be about me cos I’m that interesting. So I’ve decided to introduce you to my family in what my human calls a ‘Gotcha Day Portrait.’ Gotcha day being the day we all landed at her door.
So Bonny was got on the 12.02.2016 according to this Gotcha Day Portrait but I happen to know that’s a mistake, it was the 11.02.2016. I can’t believe my human made that mistake, so much for her and Bonny being soul mates!
I was got on the 17.03.2016 and that was a special day for me. I had already met Bonny and I knew she was a good sort. But still I bounced into the house with a bout of parvovirus, parasitic worms and a t-shirt that said “Get your nose out of my butt.” They say kindness is a sign of weakness so I was just making sure we all knew where we stood.
Now that brings me to Baby! Don’t talk to me about Baby. She was got on the 07.07.2018…apparently for me!! I’ll tell you something folks, dogs don’t need their own dogs, we’ve enough to be doing looking after you lot. Baby is supposed to be a Chihuahua but I don’t buy that. She’s a cat in a dog’s body. She hisses and squawks like a mad cat, has cat’s ears and is as pesky as a bad cat.
Her past time (which is most of the time) is winding me and Bonny up. She has turned me right off squeaky toys and I used to love them but try having one squeaked in your face for a solid hour; it changes your view on things. She tries her best to get out the door before me every day (still hasn’t managed it though!) and her farts stink. Still, I couldn’t be without her now, though don’t you just hate when that happens.
I like this Gotcha Day Portrait cos there’s no room for anything else on it and I hope things stay that way!

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