How to cope with a good-looking sister!

My name is Peanut – I’m a terrier cross and an artist’s model. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re not the ‘good-looking sister’ but feel no shame cos I’m going to tell you how to cope!
Finding out you’re not the ‘good-looking’ one usually comes about after the third or fourth time you’ve heard, ‘she’s nice but I prefer that one…’ as they callously point to your sister, right in front of you, that dog that you once thought of as your equal. You might also hear, ‘she’s cute but I’d run away with her’ again not pointing in your general direction!
I have tried affection with humans, you know the stuff, generous with my licks, doing my best to jump up and kiss the face, reeking of ‘look at me, look at me, I’m beautiful too…’  But that seems to annoy my fellow human.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my sister, she’s gentle and kind and apparently all the things I’m not…unassuming, undemanding, unpretentious…I could go on.
So I’ve developed a few coping strategies that I have found useful:
  1. Release excessive intestinal gas in her vicinity, then quickly move away.
  2. Release bladder contents on her side of the bed, then quickly curl up on your side.
  3. After chewing your human’s favourite shoe, call your sister over, then call your human, then quickly move away.
  4. When visitors call, sit on your sister and let them think she’s a cushion! If in doubt check out the accompanying animal portrait of me and my ‘special cushion,’ its fool-proof!

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