From Trash Bag to Posh Mag

My name is Peanut – more about that later! I’m a terrier cross, or so my vet told me. My human paints animals and over a year ago she said she was going to write a monthly blog. She’s written 2 so far. Now I’m not a great mathematician but to me that don’t add up to a monthly blog, so I decided to help her out and hope to surprise her with this! And I think I’ve a pretty good story to tell….
I was found in a trash bag beside a river in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland – no guesses where I was headed for. I wasn’t alone, my brothers and sisters were with me. I remember it was dark and we were so hungry and couldn’t understand why our mother wasn’t with us. Our throats were raw from whining. Then the strangest thing happened, daylight beamed in on top of us and there was a face and it looked shocked and sad at the same time. Everything after that is a bit of a blur, we were in a warm room surrounded by nurses and vets and a lady called Wendy said, ‘don’t worry guys, we’re going to get you amazing homes.’ They said I was the ‘runt’ of the litter, I hate that word, hence the name Peanut. I was riddled with wo…wor… I hate that word too….parasites…that’s better, they were eating me from the inside out. I had parvovirus, have you ever had that? It’s nasty! But Wendy did get me a home, I’ll tell you about that another day and I got better and learned who I really am and what I really want out of life – the best this world has to offer me!
Now my human loves looking at pictures of rooms, she’s obsessed. She could sit for ages flicking through magazines of kitchens, sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms. I get to sit on her lap on these occasions and lap-sitting is a big hobby of mine.
Well there she was flicking through a mag called World of Interiors, the November issue, and to my amazement, there was a dog in it that was the spit of me!
I sat up, left out a growl, who had stolen my look! And then I examined the picture a little more and saw that it was me in a painting called ‘Waiting on Peanut.’ Now I know this painting well, it’s a portrait of me sitting at a dinner table with a plate of nuts, a glass of brandy and a waiter behind me. My human says it’s symbolic cos she says I can be demanding. Sure, I love my grub, I’m addicted to treats, I even have my very own dog, a Chi Hua Hua called Baby, a story for another day. I refuse to stay home when my human is going anywhere. I don’t see why I shouldn’t sleep in her bed. I love going to the groomer every month and getting all the gossip about the other dogs and bitches in the area. And I whine when she practices piano – if you heard it, you would too. But this is the life that I want, that I deserve and nothing less. So, there you have it, I made it from trash bag to posh mag, I’m an artist’s model, even willing to pose nude, and a bona fide celebrity, and my secret – just believe you deserve the best, demand the best and love ‘em back the best!

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